︎︎︎ selected work in random order 

PastFastForward experimental product research

Tigeraire   commercial product
Design Resurrection    product research 
Endogenesis    editorial writing
MonoCovers    product discursive   
NFT_AI_OMG_WTF   experimental
Areocene    research discursive

Deglobalizer    product research
WeWork,WeShare,WeCare  writing consultancy
Bespoke   experimental product
East Modernism    product discursive
Design Catalyst product research consultancy
Speculative Healthcare  research discursive
Bio-Neorealism  experimental product writing
CircusCollection product research consultancy
GlobalFutures Lab research curatorial writing
Arco Hacking    product discursive
Future Skin     research discursive writing
Fake in Italy    product discursive
Canavese Connexion research curatorial
Design Gang    product commercial
Gringo    product research 
CDMX Observatory research curatorial writing
Open-Up Outdoor    product commercial 
Local Interactions experimental  discursive
DesignxDeath    experimental product
In The Hood    experimental  discursive product

Selected Writings    





Design Gang Network,
Design Consultancy and more.

“ From teapots to interiors passing through hair dryers and  videogames. ”

In 2004, together with Andrea Filippi, I found Design Gang Network in Torino, Italy and run it in many capacities untill 2011. The studio, that is still operative and increased in size, dealt with various projects, from interior design to communication, product and strategic design. This experience was crucial to my professional developement. I learned the complexity of design management, I had the opportunity to work with big international corporations, Institutions and small start-ups. I grew my ability in leading design teams towards successfull outcomes and navigated the challanges of meeting clients' expectations coordinating both the creative and the production phase. During my years as project manager at Design Gang, we have been always extremely proactive in pushing ideas forward and promoting the value of creativity in bussiness as much as in design research. Below you will find a little selection of the many projects developed during my lead at Design Gang.

* The “Autogrill  for all” project won the second prize within a Universal Design competition, the project focuses on the self service areas within the Autogrill stores, Italian leader in Highway Food Mall.The proposed system is based on a trolley which join the old tray to create an easier and safer way to approach the food stands. All the products and environments designed are inherently accessible to both people with or without disabilities.

* Airplus   is a revolutionary professional hair dryer system designed to down the environmental noise and improve the air quality within the workplace. Airplus provide an excellent ergonomic and solve most of the problems underlined by our qualitative research analysis.

* Product Design and Brand Identity for a new line of Polyurethane furnitures. The pieces are created by an innovative coating process using sylicon based paint.  

* MrDot  is a chaise longue chair created for the launch of the new FIAT GrandePunto. An hidden internal MDF structure helps the polyurethane to mainten the shape. The piece has been exhibited in Milan within the Triennale museum garden and distributed in multiple showroom around Italy.

* Easy to produce, easy to assemble, portable, multiple use and multimedia, those the requirement for a collection of exhibit stands made in Re-board, Scandinavian structural cardboard. Two different brands, two different needs both presented during the Milano design week 2010: Brera Design District info point and Casio products showcase. Every module has been equipped with agumented reality and multimedia contents.

* Pillow packaging concept in collaboration with Simonetti Studio