︎︎︎ selected work in random order 

PastFastForward experimental product research

Tigeraire   commercial product
Design Resurrection    product research 
Endogenesis    editorial writing
MonoCovers    product discursive   
NFT_AI_OMG_WTF   experimental
Areocene    research discursive

Deglobalizer    product research
WeWork,WeShare,WeCare  writing consultancy
Bespoke   experimental product
East Modernism    product discursive
Design Catalyst product research consultancy
Speculative Healthcare  research discursive
Bio-Neorealism  experimental product writing
CircusCollection product research consultancy
GlobalFutures Lab research curatorial writing
Arco Hacking    product discursive
Future Skin     research discursive writing
Fake in Italy    product discursive
Canavese Connexion research curatorial
Design Gang    product commercial
Gringo    product research 
CDMX Observatory research curatorial writing
Open-Up Outdoor    product commercial 
Local Interactions experimental  discursive
DesignxDeath    experimental product
In The Hood    experimental  discursive product

Selected Writings    





Some Acedemic papers, Articles, Notes, ... 

Cardini P., Wang I.; ReFuturing: New prompts for new ecological visions; Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design 2nd Edition; Edited By Rachel Beth Egenhoefer; expected publishing Jan 2024

Cardini P., Wang I.; From Anthropocene, to Aerocene, through Biocene: A case study for critical reflections on the future of air mobility; Design Research Journal Temes de Disseny #39 published by Elisava School of Design and Engineering Barcelona, Spain.  https://doi.org/10.46467/TdD39.2023.138-157 Read here

Cardini P.; From micro narratives to macro visions; Pages 66-73; We Work, We Share, We Care; Media Evolution; Malmo; 2022. ISBN: 9789198738926 Read here

Cardini P.; Endogenesis; pg.16; Diid disegno industrial industrial design No. 76; Bologna University Press; Bologna; 2022. ISBN: 9791254770979 Read here

Cardini P., Rognoli V.; Design from Within, A Study for Endemic and Endogenous Design Processes; Developments in Design Research and Practice II - Best Papers from the 11th Senses and Sensibility 2021: Designing Next Genera(c)tions; Springer; 2022. ISBN: 9783031322792  Read here

Cardini P., Paniagua K.; Hyper-contextual Futures in Mexico City; Cumulus Conference
Proceedings; Rome; 2021. ISBN: 978-952-64-9004-5Read here

Cardini P.; Global Futures Lab: Search for Hyper Contextual Futures; Pages 514–530; Futures; Oxford University Press; 2020. ISBN: 9780198806820 Read here

Albani V., Cardini P.; Global Proximity: case studies of international and interdisciplinary collaboration between the USA, Italy, Guyana and Japan; Cumulus Conference Proceedings; Rome; 2021. ISBN: 978-952-64-9004-5 Read here

Cardini P.; Back from the future: how to deal with technological enthusiasm; Ergonomics International Journal, 2(1); Medwin publishers; 2018. ISSN: 2577-2953 Read here

Cardini P.; Open Design: A journey through Doha, Havana and New York; Q-Science Journal, Tasmeem Issue 1; Bloomsbury Publishing; 2014. ISSN: 2221-9048 Read here

Cardini P., Filippi A.; Canavese Connexion, Design Industria e Innovazione; Umberto Allemandi Publishing; Torino; 2008. ISBN 13: 9788842217091

Cardini P.; Metafunctional-Metafictional Objects; Critical Design Critical Futures, Art.7; RISD; Providence; 2015. Read here

Cardini P.; Il fascino dell’incompleto; Bootleg. Interpretazioni non ufficiali della realtà, 32/50; Editori di Comunicazione; Milano; 2014 ISBN: 8891150347 Read here

Cardini P.; Openness in Design Education; Educational Papers Archive; Industrial Designers Society of America; 2016. Read here

Cardini P.; Global Futures Lab: Search for Alternative Futures; Core77; 2018. Read here

Cardini P.; How Local Influences Drive Design in The Digital Age; Fast Company Design Magazine; New York; 2015. Read here

Cardini P.; The Case for a New Aesthetics; VCUQ Interdisciplinary Design Symposium Proceedings; Doha; 2015. Read here

Cardini P.; At Nike’s place; Future Skin; pages 6-13; Nike/RISD Inc. internal publication; 2015. Read here