︎︎︎ selected work in random order 

PastFastForward experimental product research

Tigeraire   commercial product
Design Resurrection    product research 
Endogenesis    editorial writing
MonoCovers    product discursive   
NFT_AI_OMG_WTF   experimental
Areocene    research discursive

Deglobalizer    product research
WeWork,WeShare,WeCare  writing consultancy
Bespoke   experimental product
East Modernism    product discursive
Design Catalyst product research consultancy
Speculative Healthcare  research discursive
Bio-Neorealism  experimental product writing
CircusCollection product research consultancy
GlobalFutures Lab research curatorial writing
Arco Hacking    product discursive
Future Skin     research discursive writing
Fake in Italy    product discursive
Canavese Connexion research curatorial
Design Gang    product commercial
Gringo    product research 
CDMX Observatory research curatorial writing
Open-Up Outdoor    product commercial 
Local Interactions experimental  discursive
DesignxDeath    experimental product
In The Hood    experimental  discursive product

Selected Writings    





Global Futures Lab

“ Many futures exist, no one is more important than another, no one is ahead or behind, different dreams dreamed through the lens of deeply contextual and subjective visions”

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everything about the project and all the authors of the projects presented in this page @ globalfutureslab.com

“Design Fiction is the deliberate use of diegetic prototypes to suspend disbelief about change” (Bruce Sterling)”. This way of looking at product design is part of the broader discourse that identifies Critical and Speculative Design as a new methodological framework in which objects are seen as facilitators of conversations rather than goods to be bought or used. In the last two decades, an impressive creative effort has been dedicated to this field producing an infinite variety of scenarios and fostering rich debates about ethics, technology, and society. However, the great majority of those future visions was and still is, a mere representation of the fears and the dreams of a restricted part of the global community. Also, the general aesthetic of that body of work has been strongly identifiable with a recognizable taste, sometimes coming from the Holliwoodesque imaginary or from the dominating design establishment’s style. The Global Futures Lab consists of a series of international workshops aiming to get rid of the whole stereotypes related to the so called “western futures” and rather trying to create responses to specific futures linked to specific geo-cultural locations. Students around the globe have been invited to reflect on their own environments, their traditions and believes, and to envision futures respectful of their cultural needs and coherent with their own idea of progress. In opposition to a diffuse technological determinism, where society seems shaped by new technologies, the Global Futures Lab wants to endorse a sort of “cultural determinism” in which any idea of future should be built on with localized visions and with the main intention to open a debate about a pluralistic perspective. Here a collection of images of selected works produced during the workshops set in five different locations: Isfahan (Iran), Ahmedabad (India), Lima (Peru), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Havana (Cuba).